The Solarcontainer is a mobile and flexible photovoltaic system for the generation of clean, renewable energy.

The Solarcontainer is factory pre-assembly, the system is easy and quick to install.

After installation at the prepared project site, the plant can be put into operation within a few hours. The Solarcontainer conforms to the standardized dimensions of a 20-foot high cube freight container. This solution enables cost-effective and standardized transport to all locations that can be reached by truck, rail and ship.

Advantages of the Solarcontainer

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Simple and Quick Installation in the Area
Simple and fast assembly due to pre-assembled components and trained skilled personnel.
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Easy To Transport
The special container meets the requirements of a certified freight container and can be transported by truck by truck, train or ship to almost any transported.
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Environmentally Friendly
Minimization of total energy costs through the generation of clean, renewable energy and reduction of diesel consumption.
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Flexible & Mobile
Due to the mobility of the PV plant and the quick assembly and dismantling, the plant can can also be used for a short time be used.
High System Safety in All Weather Conditions
The valuable PV system can be used in case of weather warnings (storm, snow...) quickly folded up and protected.
Open to Integrating Third-Party Solutions icon
Open to Integrating Third-Party Solutions
Can be used as a stand-alone system for self-consumption with surplus feed-in or as an island system.
As an isolated system, combinations with energy storage and other generators are possible.
Allianz Functional Guarantee Icon
Allianz Protection for Function and Yield
If the PV system is used for a longer period of time system, in addition to the functional guarantee as well as a yield guarantee or loss of earnings compensation are also possible.
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Purchase, Rental or Leasing Option
We are currently working on the best options for you. Thanks for your patience.


A globally unique concept for creating mobile infrastructure. Optimally configurated more than 600 kWh of electrical energy can be generated in sunny areas per day.

Suitable For
  • Creation of an Island Network
  • Reduction of Fuel Consumption in Existing Diesel Generator Systems
  • Direct Use of the Generated Energy
  • Support of Weak Public Networks
  • Coverage of Demand and Performance Fluctuations
  • Short-term Events

Our goal has been the development of a system for the sustained mobile and network-independent power generation and storage by means of a factory pre-assembled mobile photovoltaic system and corresponding storage and energy management functionality. This concept can be extended to create complex infrastructures.

Our mobile infrastructure units are a convincing solution for a broad Audience

SolarCont GmbH was founded in 2022 by a Joint Venture between Hilber Solar GmbH and Gföllner Holding GmbH. Our customers’ needs are our focus! With our solutions we provide a broad portfolio of applications. A smooth operation in changing locations with different requirements is now possible with the Solarcontainer!