We offer complete services for planning, implementing and maintaining photovoltaic power plants

Whether you need custom solar solution or one of our product solutions, we provide full set of services for project completion.

Solar panels

Product Services

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Construction & Statics

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Production & Worldwide Delivery

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Reliable & Proper Installation

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Comparison & Selection of Best PV System

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First-Class Maintenance & Service

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Insurance & Financing Assitance

Special Project Services

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Product Development & Customisation

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Engineering & Structural Analysis

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Planning of Photovoltaic Power Plants

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Meteorological & Geological Analyses

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First-Class Maintenance & Service

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Insurance & Financing Assitance

Your Reason Why

There are plenty of reasons why you should trust our services. Some of them we have outlined here.

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In business for more than 30 years, more than 1,100 MWp installed, dozens of products developed, gone through all the movements of the photovoltaic market and often acted as a pioneer -  this experience is unique!

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Research & Development

State-of-the-art technology, many years of production and logistical know-how, creatively generated new ideas and approaches and our extensive network of research partners form the basis of our work.

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Professional Team

A well-trained and motivated team worksfor you. Best quality and best service are our guiding principle.

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Long Track Record

From the first façade systems to the world's largest photovoltaic power plant in Egypt -  our technology from Tyrol/Austria has proven itself and is used by ourlong-term oriented customers.

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Vision Possible

Our vision is the worldwide access to solar energy with the creation of local jobs and the transfer of know-how to preserve our planet.

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We are used to working internationally. No matter if America, Asia, Australia, Africa or Europe -  we deliver Austrian workmanship!

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Industry Network

Whether regional or international - for special requirements from planning to financing insurance, commissioning and maintenance - we have partners almost everywhere.

Our Goal

Development of infrastructure solutions based on the production of renewable energy.