Planning & Construction

At Hilber Solar, we are always working on new innovative ideas for the future of all of us

State-of-the-art technology, many years of production and logistical know-how, creatively generated new ideas and approaches plus our extensive network of research partners form the basis of our work.

From the initial idea, the first draft, prototype construction, static calculations to series production

Hilber Solar covers the entire package of the Innovation. Taking into account all standards and guidelines, the new product is developed and tested in parallel in prototype construction.

In the case of AgroSolar Europe, for example, a pull-out test took place. This means that here the planning of the foundation was started, a soil extract was taken and in the course of all relevant tests of soil and construction a static calculation of the required foundation was carried out.

Trins is not only home to Hilber Solar's research and innovation center. Everything up to implementation takes place here. The production-ready and tested products are also manufactured and sold by us. This makes us a fully comprehensive partner and expert for any photovoltaic project.

Planning & Construction Process Tasks


Design Planning

  • Elaboration of the system design based on the selected layout with module occupancy

  • Clarification of the project-related static requirements with regard to, among other things: wind - erosion - snow - soil softening

  • Clarification of the corrosion protection requirements

  • Analysis of the soil report submitted by the client

  • Clarification of security-relevant features

  • Norms and laws

  • Flora and fauna

  • Discuss any special dangers on the project site with the project owner

  • Creation of the material procurement basis for obtaining initial offers


Detailed Planning

  • Detailed planning of the system and creation of the project-specific parts list

  • Project-specific product development

  • Adaptation of the SOLWING Fixed-Tilt system to the, e.g. caused by the shape of the terrainindividual requirements

  • Creation of the detailed material procurement basis

  • Detailed planning of the pile driving work (height adjustment, surface leveling, different lengths of the ramming posts in case of uneven terrain ...)


Planning Documents

  • Assembly instructions

  • Post plan

  • System statics

  • Foundation plan

  • Terrain compensation plan (if necessary)



  • Parts lists

  • Filing of the necessary material procurement information in your own web portal

  • Reference prices

  • Qualified suppliers

  • Drawings

  • Specifications

  • Delivery time forecast

  • Packaging regulations

  • Delivery schedule

  • Procurement assistance

  • Support of the procurement team