Solar Container

The SOLAR CONTAINER is a fully integrated mobile power generator powered by renewable solar energy. Due to pre-assembly at the factory, the system is easy to install and can be put into operation easily. The system can be used for the following requirements:

• Creation of an island network
• Reduction of fuel consumption in existing diesel generator systems
• Direct use of the generated energy
• Support of weak public networks including an uninterruptible power supply
• Coverage of demand and performance fluctuations

The SOLAR CONTAINER is designed to enable rapid installation in remote areas and harsh environments with standard equipment and without the need of skilled workers.

The SOLAR CONTAINER is a standard 20 or 40 feet „high-cube” sea freight container. This solution enables cost-efficient and standardized shipping to all locations that can be reached by tractor-trailer.

The “mobility” of the SOLAR CONTAINER opens a new approach, especially in respect to construction law. This flexibility creates the opportunity to use standard financing models like leasing for PV solutions.

READY TO USE IN 3 HOURS Depending on the configuration, 3 hours are required to set up the SOLAR CONTAINER.

HIGH VALUE RETENTION The robust design and the specially developed and carefully selected components ensure high value retention. This enables new potentials for subsequent usage concepts.

LOW MAINTENANCE The SOLAR CONTAINER is designed without any moving elements during operation. As a result, maintenance costs can be reduced to a minimum and lifespan costs can be significantly reduced. Due to the simplicity of the system operators can be trained with little effort for maintenance.

the Next step in the photovoltaic market

Optimally configured more than 400-500 kWh of electrical energy can be generated in sunny areas per 20 ft container per day!

• all in one
• plug and play
• fast installation/uninstallation
• designed as a "mobile" - leasable
• everything pre-installed
• no special field expertise required
• standard container logistics
• modular expandable

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