PV Bikeports are the first self-sufficient, mobile charging station for e-bikes and e-scooters

PV Bikeport has two deliverable options

PV Bikeports are highly flexible charging systems with prefabricated construction and easy installation

The PV Bikeport was designed as a self-sufficient, grid-independent island solution, but can also be connected to existing power grids. By default, the PV Bikeport is delivered complete with a wooden floor. With its weight, this also serves as a foundation -  making it a mobile power plant!

Advantages Hilber Solar PV Bikeports

Mobile Icon
Easy to Transport
And Move
The perfect solution for easy assembly and commissioning - set it down and get started!
Power Iocn
Independent Power
Photovoltaic modules "Made in Austria" charge the integrated battery. The electricity is then available day and night.
Electric bike icon
Compatibile With
Different Electric
Bike Types
Depending on the e-bike brand, different charging solutions are possible.
Prefabricated icon
Completely Pre-fabricated and Pre-assemble
The PV bikeport is delivered mechanically and electrically pre-assembled.
Modular icon
Flexible and Modular
The PV Bikeport has a modular structure and can be expanded at will.
Monitoring activity icon
Monitoring And
Remote Access
You always have an overview of energy production and energy consumption. Remote control is also possible.
Battery icon
~2.6 Kwh Storage
Our storage works at
any time of the year.
Hot spot icon
WiFi Hotspot
The optional WLAN hotspot ensures surfing pleasure while charging.

PV Bikeport

PV Bikeport is a charging station for e-bikes and e-scooters that converts the electricity needed for charging in an environmentally friendly and co 2 - neutral energy

  • 1 Row or 2 Rows
  • Completely Pre-assembled
  • 2.6 KWh Storage Capacity
  • Video Surveillance
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Optional Advertising Box

PV Bikeport comes with included weight foundation option solution that requires no further attachment to the ground! This makes the Bikeports highly mobile energy generating solution.

PV Bikebox

Bikes are becoming more and more valuable and need new concepts for safe storage. We have developed a solution for sustainable charging and safe storage.

  • Lockable cabinets with combination lock, key or app
  • Wind and storm proof
  • Remote Maintenance

Photovoltaic modules "Made in Austria" charge the integrated battery. The electricity is then available day and night. Besides, by means of web access, one always has an overview of the energy generation and consumption. Remote control is also possible, plus there is as well an optional integration of surveillance cameras to prevent the desire to steal in the first place.

Bikeports and bikeboxes are ideal solution for business and institutions

Bikeports are a great solution for communities, city tourism organisations, hotels, rental services and other similar public and private entities. Bikesports can elevate your customer experience and present you the environmentally responsible organisation you are.