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AgroSolar Europe develops innovative photovoltaic systems that combine agriculture with renewable power generation

AgroSolar Europe consist of three different product solutions

AgroSolar Europe systems are suitable for any agricultural area

We specialise in developing innovative solar systems and integrating them into everyday life in a practical and lifelike way. We are professionals in PV planning and custom PV construction.

Advantages of AgroSolar Europe Systems

Each System Is Individually and Flexibly Adaptable
Each Agri-Photovoltaic system is individually and flexibly adaptable - among other things to the size of the area, the cultivated plant species and the geological framework conditions
Agri-Photovoltaic Systems
Protect Plants and Crops
Partial roofing by the solar modules provides protection against excessive heat and solar radiation as well as hail, frost and drought damage
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Agricultural Machines Are Compatibile with AgroSolar Installations
Agricultural machines of different sizes can be used as usual under the Agri photovoltaic systems
Irrigation Requirement of Agricultural Land Is Reduced By up to 20 Percent
The need for irrigation of agricultural land is reduced by up to 20 percent, the water storage capacity of the soil is increased
With Agri-PV Systems, Humus Can Be Built up in a Controlled Manner
Carbon farming: With Agri-PV, humus can be built up in a controlled way, which reduces fertilizer consumption and allows more CO2 to be stored in the soil
The Use of
Agri-PV Systems Boosts Crop Yields
AgroSolar Europe systems eliminate land competition between food and energy harvests, and even enable a significant increase in land use efficiency - currently up to 186 %
AgroSolar Europe Also Offers a Lease Model
In addition to investing in its own plant, AgroSolar Europe also offers a lease model, so that the agricultural business has no expense with the construction and electricity marketing
Future CO2
The future trading of CO2 certificates will open up another source of income for agricultural businesses

AgroSolar Top

AgroSolar Top is our largest agri-photovoltaic system and it was developed for intensive, mechanised agriculture

Suitable for
  • For Intensive, Mechanised Agriculture
  • Variable System Sizes between 6 Metres High and 18 Metres Wide
  • Suitable for Shade-Tolerant Plants
  • Efficient and High-Yield Use of Agricultural Land

The AgroSolar Europe improves soil quality and reduces water requirements. At the same time, the system protects the plants from damage caused by weather extremes such as hail, storms and drought. In addition, further protective devices for your plants, such as foils or nets, can be attached to the substructure of the photovoltaic system.

AgroSolar Secure

The AgroSolar Secure system is particularly suitable for special crops type of crops

Suitable for
  • Areas with Challenging Geological Conditions, Such as Steep Inclines and Declines
  • Variable System Sizes with Lower Heights and Spans
  • Specially Developed for Fruit and Wine Growing

The system can be mounted on areas with steep slopes and combined with frost protection or hail nets, for example — for maximum safety and high yields even under the most demanding conditions. The partial roofing regulates a homogeneous incidence of light, promotes the microclimate and protects the fruit from weather extremes such as frost, drought and hail.

AgroSolar Windbreaker

AgroSolar Windbreaker consists of several units, each with three bifacial photovoltaic modules, which are installed vertically and in rows.

Suitable for
  • Vertical Installation of the Photovoltaic Modules Without Partial Roofing
  • Variable, Modular System Sizes with Low Space Requirements
  • Optimal for Plants with Highlight Requirements

Due to the vertical orientation of the photovoltaic modules, this type of system does not require partial roofing and is therefore ideal for agricultural areas where no shading is desired. These can be wheat and spelt fields or grassland, for example.

AgroSolar Europe products make a secure investment in the future

With optimum crop and energy harvesting, soil-friendly assembly and ensuring efficient management: All AgroSolar Europe system types are characterised by innovative technical features that make them a future-proof investment.